How Voting Works

Specific details of the DAO Voting process are still in development.

Generally, any member of the DAO can raise a vote to change key parameters after a certain cooldown period between voting.

However, there will be a special period during the initial launch of the TXA DSL where the starting values for the key parameters will be voted on. Stay tuned for more details as they are announced by following the Project TXA Blog at

Voting Power

In order to ensure that active participants in the TXA Ecosystem will always have a vote, TXA will always be able to be staked for a short period to vote on proposals.

This is in addition to TXAD voting tokens which can be used to vote.

Vote Calculations

During a vote, the voting power will be as follows:

  1. Any TXAD can be used for 1 Vote.

  2. Any floating TXA can be voluntarily locked for 30 days and grant 10 Votes per TXA

  3. Any TXA that was previously staked in the Pre-Staking Period and is still locked will grant 75 votes per TXA

  4. Any TXA that is locked in a vesting contract from a previous allocation grants 20 votes per TXA.

A DAO proposal will pass if 2/3 of the voters agree to the provision.

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