Introducing the hDEX

hDEX, which stands for "Hybrid Decentralized Exchange," combines 2 things:

  1. High-Performance Centralized Orderbook

  2. Decentralized Funds Custody and Settlement

The system combines the positive features of the CEX and DEX models to offer excellent blockchain solutions.

Order matching happens on hDEX with a blazing speed. The slowest order matching time frame is under 1ms. Such architecture offers 100x the speed of what you’ll get with the fastest DEX. This increases the rate at which trading activities occur and provides traders with instant solutions.

Since it combines the features of a DEX and CEX, hDEX offers impressive transparency through its open-source non-custodial smart contracts. This offers you sovereignty over your funds while ensuring you understand the entire transaction process. Nothing is hidden or shady.

hDEX is the true definition of democratizing the blockchain community. How so? A major problem with most exchanges arises from the efficiency of their order matching processes. The infrastructure of some exchanges makes trades exclusive to a part of the community. However, with hDEX, trades are broadcast in the open and agreed upon by the community. Thus, there is greater access and more inclusion. Similarly, when there are trades to settle, SDPs are selected at random, giving every providers an opportunity to earn fees from this architecture.

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