Our Goals

We believe that the current status quo in which centralized exchanges dominate the landscape is a stark contrast to the decentralized ideals and foundations upon which the Web3 and blockchain community is built.

Building the TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer (TXA DSL)

The TXA DSL is a sophisticated network of Settlement Data Providers (SDPs) that interacts with flexible smart contracts to allow for decentralized cross-chain settlement.

This settlement system is first being used by Hybrid-Decentralized Exchanges (hDEX) to settle trades, in which the hDEX users never have to give up custody of their funds. Tacen is building the first of these exchanges in the US, but we plan to have many more around the globe.

But the settlement system is not restricted to settling just trades. In fact, the DSL is a generic settlement layer, which can handle all types of digital assets, such as NFTs, tokenized securities, and more.

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