1 Million Staking Goal

This page explains the staking goal and rewards.

Project TXA has set forth a formal goal of locking 1 million $TXA in the staking contract by June 16th, 2022. To reach this goal and to boost settlement capacity for the DSL, we added a $TXAD bonus. The amount of the bonus will be unlocked as more $TXA is staked! The $TXAD bonus structure will be distributed as follows:

Each tier of staked $TXA unlocks higher rewards for the entire community of stakers. Achieving our highest goal of 1 million staked $TXA will guarantee a 40% increase to an individual’s original $TXAD total.

In the event that we go beyond our goal of 1 million $TXA staked, we’ve also created stretch goals.

  • With limited edition merch at 1.5M staked

  • 2x $TXAD total at 1.75M staked

  • 5x total $TXAD at 2M $TXA staked.

We are eager to help our community maximize the rewards that they can receive and remain confident that our goal of having at least 1 million $TXA staked will be achieved!

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